Campaign Countdown: 14 days to go

National is committed to building the infrastructure and transport system New Zealand needs to ensure our ongoing economic prosperity is secured

The Labour Party is continuing its full-frontal attack on regional New Zealand with its announcement today that farming would join the Emissions Trading Scheme

Labour will set a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Ardern’s first call will be to the Greens post-election.

The Green Party will make electricity more affordable with winter energy payments for more than 500,000 lower-income households

Labour’s union shill Chris Hipkins bullies small schools.

We’re not going to tonight’s TVNZ debate.

Debates are so establishment anyway.

We are prepared to go into Opposition rather than join a Government with NZ First (but we will be at tonight’s debate).

Last night’s One News Colmar Brunton poll.

One News Colmar Brunton: Labour 43.0% (nc)National 39.0% (-2.0%) Green 5.0% (nc) NZ First 9.0% (+1.0%) Maori 2.0% (+1.0%) ACT 0.1% (NC) Opportunities 1.9% (+0.9%).

Translated to seats: Labour 53, National 48, NZ First 11, Green 6, ACT 1, Maori 2, Total 121.

Listener Bauer: Labour 37% National 34% NZ First 7% Greens 6% “Don’t know” 10%.

Newsroom SSI: Labour 45% National 30% NZ First 11% Greens 6% TOP 2% Māori Party 2% Act 1%. The #MotherOfAllPolls to match the #MotherOfAllScandals?

As at 9am 5 September: Nats: $7.62b Lab: $22.82b NZFirst:  $25.97b  Greens: $9.94b  Maori: $12.17b  ACT: $-2.43b  TOP: $10.69b  (all figures limited to costs within next Parliamentary term). Full details here.

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