Meet a NZ First supporter

Radio NZ reports:

In Rangiora on Wednesday, several hundred people turned out to hear Mr Peters speak.

One group of loyal supporters said they backed Mr Peters because they were fed up with immigrants and believed he would stop them.

“You’ve just got to go to the supermarkets and you see it, they’re different – they don’t look like us,” said one.

Is he saying they don’t look Maori? Or that they don’t look white?

“They’re taking control of our country, this is the thing, and they’re foreigners – very foreign, it’s not as if they’re English speaking people,” another added.

“And you can’t understand a damn word they’re saying,” a third said. “It makes me sick the way things are going. Why can’t we just be us like we used to be?”

Back to the 1970s!

“I voted for Donald Trump, I love Donald Trump and Winston Peters is like him to me – so he’s got my vote.”

And Peters in Government will be just as sucessful as Trump in Government!

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