Campaign Countdown – 9 days to go

The Labour Party is misleading New Zealand workers by trying to suggest they won’t increase income taxes.

It is time for Bill English and Steven Joyce to stop the scaremongering and lies, and front up to New Zealanders about the impact of their tax cuts.

New Zealanders should be very concerned that a principal National Party fundraiser and a list MP, highly placed inside the party, was a member of the Chinese intelligence service. The National Party either spectacularly failed to check out this candidate, or were totally naïve about what his background meant. In China, once a spy always a spy.

With the polls closing in just ten days The Opportunities Party has launched a strategic voting campaign designed to remove Winston Peters and New Zealand First from their position as monarch makers in the New Zealand election.

The Green Party will provide genuine support for students by bringing in a universal post-graduate student allowance and increasing allowance rates for all students.

Today’s decision by the Electoral Commission clearing Māori Party candidate Wetex Kang of a bribery allegation which the New Zealand Herald “beefed up” on its front page last week, shows that Wetex is the victim of a smear campaign led by a troublemaker angry that he didn’t want her as his campaign manager.

ACT would increase the period that young people can be sentenced to youth justice facilities to 1 year, to remove them from the situations they were in when they were offending. Currently, youth justice facilities are available for young people on remand or sentenced to the youth court for 3-6 months.

Legalising prostitution has been a dismal failure. In 2003 our Government used the dubious process of Conscience Votes to legalise prostitution. There was no mandate from the population to do so and it was based on a false premise of making sex work safe.


National 10-points ahead in Reid Research poll, Jacinda under pressure, and Nats launch new attack ad.

Newshub Reid Research: National 47.3%, Labour 37.8%, NZ First 6.0%, Greens 4.9%, Maori, ACT 0.6%, TOP 1.6%, Maori 1.1%

Latest update as of 9am Tuesday:

National Party $8.17b; Labour Party $22.91b; Green Party $13.28b; NZ First $27.53b; Maori Party $12.17b; ACT -$2.43b; TOP $13.69b Full details here.