German election results

The polls were pretty accurate for the German elections. The results for votes were:

  • CDU/CSU (National) 33.0% (-8.5%)
  • SPD (Labour) 20.5% (-5.2%)
  • AfD (NZ First) 13.0% (+7.9%)
  • FDP (ACT) 10.7% (+5.9%)
  • DIE LINKE (Alliance) 9.2% (+0.6%)
  • GRUNE (Greens) 8.9% (+0.5%)

Seats are:

  • CDU/CSU (National) 246 (-65)
  • SPD (Labour) 153 (-40)
  • AfD (NZ First) 94 (+94)
  • FDP (ACT) 80 (+80)
  • DIE LINKE (Alliance) 69 (+5)
  • GRUNE (Greens) 67 (+4)

Almost inevitably the Government will be CDU and FDP and GRUNE, or their equivalent of a National, ACT and Greens Government. They will have 393 seats out of 709.

No party wants to govern with the AfD. They don’t even want to sit with them. Same goes for Die Linke.

If the CDU and SDP did another coalition then AfD would become the official opposition party. So SDP has to become the main opposition party and hence FDP and Greens need to join the Government.

In New Zealand the Greens would rather work with NZ First than National! They are very different to German Greens.

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