How much damage will Labour do to exporters?

The cumulative cost of Labour’s policies on exporters is looking to be quite huge. Here’s my ballpark estimates:

  • ETS on Agriculture – $830 million/year
  • Capital Gains Tax on farms – $1.3 billion/year (scheduled for 2021)
  • Land Tax – $1.05 billion year (1% on $105 billion of agricultural land)
  • Water Tax – $200 million/year
  • Renege on TPP – $2.7 billion/year

So we’re a small trading nation that relies on to grow our economy and provide jobs and fund public services.

And over time Labour’s policies will lead to a revenue loss of around $6 billion a year for the export sector. Why would you want that? It’s akin to economic vandalism. We should be helping our export sector, not punishing them.

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