Peters booed in Morrinsville

The Herald reports:

Hundreds of farmers have gathered in Ardern’s hometown of Morrinsville to protest against Labour and Greens’ proposed water and pollution charges.

The protest ended with NZ First leader Winston Peters being jeered at and drowned out by Myrtle the tractor as farmers demanded he say whether he would side with National or Labour.

About 600 turned up for the lively rally beside the giant ‘Mega Cow’ statue in Morrinsville – politicians were not allowed to speak but Peters hijacked the stage at the end as the rain started to tip down.

As he held court standing in the rain under the cow – warning them to be just as dubious of National as Labour when it came to water “because they’re just as bad as each other – the crowd started to jeer and heckle at him.

Afterwards Scott Smyth bailed him up about whether Peters would allow the proposed water taxes to go ahead if in coalition with Labour. Peters would not answer and other farmers pitched in demanding to know who he was going to go with.

Afterward Smyth said Peters was “buggering” his chances for Saturday’s election by not saying if he would demand Labour removed the water taxes from the table if he was in Government with them.

A wonderful backfire for Winston. He’s reminded everyone there and everyone watching that votin for him might be voting for a and all the other extra taxes Labour plans for the rural sector.

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