Aucklanders revolt against Taxinda

The Herald reports:

Some Auckland motorists are threatening to fill up out of town, and even leave the city, to avoid a new regional expected to be 10c a litre.

Comments flowing into the New Zealand Herald newsdesk this morning are running heavily against the new tax, planned by the new Labour-led Government to help fund light rail to the airport and other transport projects. …’\

Readers branded new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern “Taxinda” and named the tax the “Twyford Tax” after new Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

Tom and Julia Kinzett spoke for many in parts of the region that don’t have rail, commenting: “So again the majority are going to have to fork out for a selected few. What benefits are there for someone living in east or north Auckland?”

“I live in rural north Auckland. I have no choice but to use my car as there is no public transport,” another reader said.

Yep it is a tax on all of Auckland that will benefit just a few.

A congestion charge is a far more sensible way of funding transport – true user pays.

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