Greens will sell out electoral law for a Parihaka Day!

Stuff reports:

The Green Party is considering opposing NZ First’s “Waka Jumping” bill – a deal struck in coalition talks – unless Labour gives it a national “Parihaka Day”.

Green Party justice spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman, in an internal email obtained by Stuff, suggested some horse trading with Labour to acknowledge the fact the party has long opposed waka jumping legislation.

Ghahraman’s suggested her colleague Marama Davidson’s bill, which recognises the anniversary of the invasion of Parihaka by making it a Day, be put on the table for Government support.

So the Greens oppose the waka jumping bill but will sell out their principles and support it, in exchange for a Parihaka Day.

Nice to know what price they put on electoral law.

The proposed waka jumping bill is odious as it gives party leaders huge power, effectively to expel MPs from Parliament who challenge them.

If the Greens are willing to support a waka jumping bill in return for Parihaka Day, what would it take for them to support extending the to five years – a statue of Hone Heke?

A spokesperson for the Green Party said this was an “internal document that was sent in error”.

The Greens used to support extending the Official Information Act to Parliament. Do they still do so? Then we could see all their other internal documents detailing what they will sell out for what price.

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