Greens sell their souls to Winston

Stuff reports:

The Green Party will “reluctantly” vote for the Bill to become law.

So-called “waka jumping” legislation allows party leaders to expel MPs of Parliament if they have serious and public disagreements with the wider party.

Labour promised to support the waka jumping legislation in its coalition agreement with NZ First, but the legislation is not covered in its agreement with the Green Party.

Yep. The are not contractually obliged to vote for this bill. They are choosing to do so because they value keeping Winston happy more than they value their own principles.

However, a clause in the agreement seemingly holds the Greens to supporting any legislation not specifically flagged in the coalition talks, meaning the Greens MPs feel they have to vote for for the waka jumping bill. 

No it doesn’t. That would suggest they have to vote for all legislation at all readings regardless of how repugnant it is. They are not obliged to vote for it, only to act in good faith. Good faith doesn’t mean changing our laws to allow party leaders and their caucuses to expel MPs from Parliament.

“We are doing this because the confidence and supply agreement holds us to it,” Davidson said

No it does not. It is a lie.

What if the bill said that party leaders can expel at whim any MP in their party, without even needing caucus support. Is Davidson saying they would be bound to support that also?

“We continue to oppose the idea that a party caucus should have the power to expel MPs from Parliament.

“After lengthy discussion and Party consultation, we reluctantly agreed to support the coalition to enact the bill.

So the party that preaches human rights to everyone else, will vote for a bill that breaches our Bill of Rights Act.

Former Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, who was part of the negotiating team, said earlier this year the agreement did not in fact force the Greens into supporting the bill.

Jeanette is right.

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