87% in Venezuela now have income equality

Next Big Future reports:

Starving Venezuelan oil workers are growing too weak for heavy labor. They are too fatigued to act quickly which leads to more fatal accidents. Crude oil makes up about 95% of Venezuela’s exports. The country has no other source of foreign income.

Nextbigfuture predicts that the Maduro government will be overthrown in a military coup by the end of 2018. North Korea has terrible but stable conditions. Venezuela conditions continue to worsen at an unsustainable level.

Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilograms (24 lbs) in body weight last year and almost 90 percent now live in poverty, according to a new university study on the impact of a devastating economic crisis and food shortages.

Prices in Venezuela rose 4,068 percent in the 12 months to the end of January, according to estimates by the country’s opposition-led National Assembly, broadly in line with independent economists’ figures.

The study showed that 87 percent of people in Venezuela, one of Latin America’s wealthiest nations back in the 1970s, were living in poverty last year, rising from 82 percent in 2016 and 48 percent in 2014.

87% of people in Venezuela now have income equality, they just have 13% to go. A triumph for socialism.

Some 3 million Venezuelans – or a tenth of the population – have left Venezuela since late leader Hugo Chavez started his Socialist revolution in 1999.

Socialism often leads to a mass exodus, despite the claims of nirvana from its supporters.

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