Overlooking she campaigned to cut immigration

Stuff reports:

A story and subsequent tweet from the Wall Street Journal in September compared Ardern to Trump on (‘Meet New Zealand’s Donald Trump’), before the headline and tweet were altered after backlash to read: ‘Meet New Zealand’s Justin Trudeau – except she’s more like Trump on immigration’.

“That infuriated me, it infuriated me. We are a party who at the same time were campaigning to double our refugee quota. We are a nation built on immigration. I’m only a third generation New Zealander,” the 37-year-old PM said.

“The suggestion in any way that New Zealand wasn’t an open outward facing country, the suggestion that I was leading something that was counter to that value, made me extremely angry.”

The truth hurts.

Her party, led by her, campaigned to slash immigration by tens of thousands. Her party blamed Auckland house prices on buyers with Chinese sounding surnames.

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