Pool covers vs fences

Stuff reports:

Pool builders and designers have slammed a government ruling banning the use of automatic pool covers instead of fences.

As they should. The aim of the regulation is to stop kids getting into polls without supervision. A pool cover can do that just as well as a fence.

Last month, the ministry said it did not view pool covers as a safe option compared to the “risk associated with a compliant pool fence”, which had automatically closing gates or door alarms.

Kids can open a gate a lot easier than they can remove a pool cover.

Bonham said the did not explicitly rule-out using automatic pool covers instead of fences.

“There is no mention in the [Building] Act that the pool has to be fenced, it says a barrier can be used, an auto pool cover is a barrier.

should be tested in court.

think each property has to be looked at and the council makes up its [own] mind that a cover is suitable and [whether] there is no adverse effects for children,” Bonham said. 

Yep case by case basis.

In terms of evidence it seems no kid has drowned at a pool with an automated cover but several have drowned at fenced pools.

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