Yes you are allowed to be mean, malicious and infantile

Radio NZ reports:

The has not upheld a complaint against a column by Sir calling for a ‘Māori Gratitude Day’, despite calling it “mean, malicious and infantile”.

Sir Bob wrote the column for NBR, calling for a Māori gratitude day instead of Waitangi Day, and saying Māori should bring pākehā breakfast in bed and weed their gardens out of gratitude for existing.

He claimed he was trying to be satirical and did not believe people would take his comments literally.

Good to see not dead in NZ.

The Council noted that Sir Bob had a history of writing provocative columns, including calling for racial stereotyping, a call to ban all women drivers and the high number of obese people he had observed from his office window.

Bob Jones has been writing wonderfully offensive columns and books since the 1970s. I recommend his Bob Jones Letters in 1982 and 80s Letters in 1990 as great reads.

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