Syndey University brings in quotas for debating

The Daily Mail reports:

The debating society of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious university has declared that half of its competitors in a national tournament must be transgender males or women.

The University of Sydney has introduced new rules for the upcoming Easters event, where students from across Australia and Asia duke it out on topical issues over the public holiday long weekend.

It states that ‘no less than 50 per cent’ of debaters across all teams must identify as ‘non cis-male’. Cis-gender describes a person who identifies with their sex at birth.

Not just a gender quota.

The debating club at the University of Sydney also has an affirmative action rule for its top three teams, stipulating that at least one debater be a ‘person of colour from a minority ethno-cultural background, or marginalised by white supremacy’.

Jews were marginalised by Aryan supremacy. Would they qualify?

Conservative columnist Rita Panahi, who was born in Iran, described the policy as ‘just insane’.

is so toxic. It’s divisive, it’s degrading. It pushes this victimhood narrative that is often completely at odds with reality,’ she told Sydney radio station 2GB on Wednesday.

‘Really, speaking as someone who is a woman and who is from an ethnic background… if I was selected on merit I would be so appalled because it completely undermines my achievement.’

Panahi often speaks a lot of sense.


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