The mad Mark Middleton case

The Herald reports:

The lawyer for murder victim Karla Cardno’s stepfather is pleading for the Government to live up to its claim to be compassionate and overturn a deportation order.

Lawyer Keith Jefferies compared the arrest and detention of Mark Middleton last week to the dawn raids of Pacific Islanders in 1970s.

On Tuesday, immigration officers stormed the workplace of Middleton, accusing him of living here illegally, and put him in a cell at a Wellington police station until Wednesday afternoon.

He’s lived here since 1962, and suddenly the Government feels the need to storm into his workplace and stick him into detention so they can deport him. What the f**k.

Middleton’s threats, in media interviews more than 17 years ago, to kill his stepdaughter’s murderer appear to have put him in the sights of Immigration New Zealand.

And he was wrong to do so, but considering Daly raped and tortured his stepdaughter, you can understand his anger. But to wait 17 years after his conviction and decide he should be deported is just baffling.

The 60-year-old moved from England with his parents when he was 4 years old in 1962 and hasn’t been back since.

Isn’t this what Labour condemned the Australian Government for doing?

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