PM lies and trash talks NZ

lies in a bizarre attempt to trash talk New Zealand.

The committee of Parliament was set up to review the ETS, not question . We have this from the Chair himself:

And to remove any doubt:

It was a review of the ETS. It was not an inquiry into whether climate change was real or not, or mainly caused by human activity. It may have looked into the what uncertainty there is around various models, but this is vastly different to what the PM has tried to portray NZ as some backwards country where an official committee of Parliament was set up to try and deny climate change.

Incidentally something that attracted little reporting is we actually reduced our greenhouse gas gross emissions by 2.4% in 2016.

In fact gross emissions reduced by 2.7% from 2008 to 2016. This is in contrast to the 9.2% increase under the last Labour Government that Ardern was a staffer for.

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