An interesting candidate

Stuff reports:

A legal strategist wants to see Auckland’s North Shore split away from the rest of the country and establish its own independent city state with a separate economy.

ran for North Shore MP in the 2017 general election with policies of low tax and high government spending, is initiating a citizen’s referendum on the idea, which she believes will gain support.

What is a legal strategist? Someone who wants to be a lawyer but isn’t?

And anyone else see the problem of proposing low taxes and high spending?

“I believe people on the North Shore have the confidence to try something like this. Functionally, it [the North Shore] has huge potential to become a luxury travel destination.”

This would make the area, which according to the 2013 Census is home to 300,000 people, an independent country functioning in a similar manner to Monaco or Singapore.

Yep the North Shore is just like Monaco.

Meanwhile, Clements also has a High Court judicial review proceeding against the New Zealand Government for its use of the “chemical weapon” 1080, something she believes is capable of causing Mycoplasma bovis.

One can also believe the Earth is flat. Both seem as likely.

Ms Clements is also a self declared candidate for UN Secretary-General.

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