Best not to piss off the locals

Newshub reports:

Security has been called to remove a Labour by-election candidate from an Auckland mall, in an altercation that led the mall to ban all further campaigning.

Labour got into a spat with Glenfield Mall after being denied permission to campaign inside the shopping establishment. …

Kim Bennett – CEO of Ladstone Glenfield Limited, which own the mall – said Labour had challenged the mall’s decision to not allow them to campaign.

“We had the Labour candidate come to us demanding he campaign in the mall. We advised this is not to happen, consistent with our initial response to both parties.

 “In the future, given the subsequent unpleasant nature of the Labour Party candidate’s behaviour to us, we will have a blanket banning of any campaigning in the carpark within the mall and within retailers’ premises.”

Must take some special behaviour to have security called to escort you out. A real sense of entitlement.

If you think an owner has been inconsistent, then a polite request is likely to be far more effective than trying to intimidate the owner.

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