Failure can make you stronger

I like politicians who have experienced some failure in their lives. I think it can make you stronger.

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill are two great examples of politicians who had experienced a lot of failure, yet rose to greatness.

The Herald has a profile of new Northcote MP Dan Bidois, and focuses on some of his failures. They include:

  • arrested as a child for shoplifting a Mars Bar
  • bottom of the class in three different schools
  • suspended twice at Howick College
  • Beaten for Pakuranga nomination
  • No 72 of 75 on National list
  • Failed in initial scholarship application to Harvard, then got it 2nd time
  • Failed to be elected AUSA President, then got it 2nd time

Few of us in life haven’t had significant failures. The measure of you is the ability to move on and not let them define you.

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