Winston pledges to get house prices down to $214,000

Stuff reports:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says houses should be affordable even to those on a living wage.

Peters said on Tuesday that “a long-term target” of getting median house prices to drop to five times the annual living wage was desirable and “should be achievable before too long”. …

Currently Living Wage Aotearoa puts the living wage at $20.55 an hour – or $42,744 a year while working a 40-hour week.

A house at five times that annual income would be $213,720. New Zealand’s current median house price is $562,000 nationally, or 13 times the living wage annual income.

So Winston says “before too long” the median house price will be $214,000 or lower. This isn’t just another planet, but another solar system.

Can we have a Government that actually is serious about things, not just a sad joke.

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