Once again Greens are silent

Stuff reports:

In June, Nash said he was hoping to get NZ First on board with the idea. “We must work together,” he said.

But with Jones and NZ First’s outspoken opposition to cameras, it could put the coalition in a tangle. …

However, Nash told Stuff he has pulled back on plans after talking to industry people up and down the country. 

“I have heard rumours I have a mandate to put cameras in – I don’t,” he said. 

“I know there are major concerns that need to be sorted before any talk around cameras goes ahead, and I don’t think the immediate introduction of cameras would work if it went ahead.

It was all set to go. NZ First killed it, to protect their donors. And have the Greens been staunchly denouncing the Government for putting corporate donors ahead of the environment? Have they organised petitions? Protests? Nope. They just get the perks of office and do nothing.

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