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A reader has compared Sunday TV’s full interview with and with what they edited to screen. In bold is what screened.

SM Stephan Molyneux

LS Lauren Southern

Video of full interview is here https://youtu.be/DzZyKsLj4ao

Interviewer   Stephan the science around the claims that race is linked to IQ is something that you have promoted

SM  No no this is not accurate

Interviewer   Explain?

SM  This is not something  I have promoted. This is not my research. I have had a wide variety of experts on the show who have talked about the fact that IQ ‘s do differentiate between the races. So it is not my perspective or my belief or something I have promoted. This is a bit of like don’t shoot the messenger. It is very well understood.

Interviewer  You have provided a platform by talking to those people

SM  Yes of course becauseI think that facts are very important when it comes to talking about things like ethnicity. And so this is very well understood, very well studied and is one of the most certain things in the field of phycology and the field of neurology and neuro biology. This is one of the most certain things in the field

And it t is tragic to me that the really essential information that helps clarify and inform our discussion about races, it is not the be all and end all and you never judge individuals by aggregate characteristics, but we need to talk about this because otherwise the only explanation to different outcomes of races is to blame white racism and that’s racist because there are lots of other explanations that can help more deeply inform our discussion about these issues.

Interviewer Isn’t it the case that it is undisputed, it is disputed that race is connected to IQ. I mean the person that came up with IQ testing accepted that environmental factors played a huge role

SM I have never denied environmental factors. The latest research I have, and I had the editor of the magazine called Intelligence on the show and he said at about the age of 18 years IQ is about 80% genetic. There are environmental factors and I have promoted this throughout my show, peaceful parenting, breast feeding, don’t yell at your kids, reason with your children, give them great language skills, education can be very important. Whether or not that is going to fundamentally change your IQ remains a pretty dicey question but it helps people use in essence what they have to their best advantage.

Interviewer  Have you had people on your show to dispute the science

SM  Yes absolutely  in fact one of them is a NZer. Dr James Flynn, I had him on for an hour and he talks about some of this stuff and Dr Eric Turkheimer  came in, he talked about the environmental issues, so yes I have tried to have a very robust debate on the show regarding this. I hope, you know my hope is that it is as much environmental as possible because otherwise we have much more limited a tool set to work with but these are questions we need to talk about.

Interviewer Lauren where do you stand on that?

Lauren Southern gave her views generally in support of Stephan and concludes saying

LS I am not an expert on this so I have not delved in to this but the fact that there is such a big suppression of this conversation is very very scary

Interviewer It isn’t suppressed though because it is on the internet

LS Its absolutely suppressed

SM If there wasn’t an internet there would be far less discussion and if you look at the controversy in 94  that came out with ….  Murray’s The Bell Curve. He was viciously attacked. The information has been repeatedly attacked. Anybody who talks about this gets the inevitable label of racist

Interviewer  maybe that’s because the majority of science doesn’t support it

SM  The majority of science does not support what?

Interviewer What you are talking about that race is connected to IQ

 LS Do you have evidence for this?

SM The majority of science does support it.

Interviewer  Well I am just suggesting why maybe it subconscious……

SM  Well lets just say…., I don’t believe what you say is correct, I have cast my net pretty wide getting people on and on this there is fairly unanimous agreement, but let’s say you are absolutely correct that there is this big controversy then we should have a very robust debate about it and not suppress the  information 

You get a very different impression from the full transcript.

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