The c word

Newshub reports:

Green Party co-leader James Shaw is refusing to talk about his co-leader’s campaign to reclaim the C-word. 

repeatedly used the word at an anti-racism rally attended by families last Friday, arguing that women need to reclaim the word typically used as vulgar insult. 

As there were families there with young children, it was not a good call on her part. Even if she was reading out e-mails sent to her, you should respect the fact kids were present.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern does not back her, saying she “certainly wouldn’t use that language”. 

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters thinks it was wholly inappropriate of Ms Davidson to say it. He said it’s “appalling” and “terribly degrading”. 

National’s spokesperson for Women Paula Bennett is also fuming. 

She told Newshub: “She may want to reclaim whatever she likes [but] she doesn’t get to make that decision for other people’s children who were in that audience and I think it is absolutely appalling.” 

So Winston is busy chalking up win after win for his voters while the Greens are campaigning to reclaim the C word and voting for legislation they oppose.

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