$800,000 a job

Newshub reported:

’ $1 billion Provincial Growth Fund is under fire yet again.

The Government is pouring $2.4 million into a cultural centre in Kawakawa, Northland in a bid to create jobs and boost the local economy.

But Newshub can reveal that the centre’s only expected to create three jobs and officials warned that instead of stimulating the economy, it could jeopardise other local businesses.

Taxpayers are having $1 billion stolen from them, just to try and gain one man a job – Shane Jones as MP for Northland.

Every household could be $500 better off if they hadn’t embarked on the most wasteful spending programme in recent history.

The officials recommended Jones decline the funding, but he ignored them.

“You’ve got to take a few risks when you’re dealing with infrastructure,” he said.

Easy to take risks with our money. What if Shane had to personally pay even 1% of the money himself (in return for 1% of the economic growth it creates). Would he have spent $2.4 million on this if $24,000 had to come from his own pocket?

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