Let off lightly


Parking warden Ken Anderson had just given Rawiri Emery a parking ticket when a single massive blow to his head left him needing reconstructive surgery.

He had a broken nose and fractured eye socket and needed part of his face peeled off to allow surgeons access to the damaged area.

A horrendous assault. So how many years in prison did the assailant get?

Davidson said Emery had an extensive list of violence convictions over 10 years from 2006 including injuring and robbery.

A long history of violence. Taking that into account he must have got put away for a very long period to keep the community .

The judge on Thursday sentenced Emery to four months community detention, 80 hours community work, nine months supervision and to pay $2500 in reparation to Anderson.

Community work. Wow. That will teach him. And I’m sure there is no way he’ll ever offend again.

He said Emery was a self-employed builder, in a stable relationship and had now done a 10 week non-violence programme.

A non-violence programme. That will do the job I’m sure.

One good thing in all though. His assault of the parking warden got him a second strike. Now it won’t affect this sentence as he didn’t even get prison time so doesn’t come into it.

But if he now bashes someone again he won’t be doing 80 hours community service. He won’t be getting a small fine. He’ll be getting the maximum sentence for the assault. And his criminal offending will be halted for a few years.

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