This is who Labour wants to give parole to

Meet Elim Tekotahi Emery.

  • Sep 2011 – stabbed his 18-year-old partner and his uncle with a boning knife.
  • Mar 2012 – sentenced to 65 months prison
  • Oct 2014 – released on parole
  • Nov 2016 – parole cancelled due to violence against a partner causing significant injuries to her face, including a fractured eye socket
  • Feb 2020 – violent and prolonged assault against his latest partner, causing a miscarriage. He laughed as he hit her with a rock, stomped on herm, kicked her, punched her and gouged her eye. He also bit her in multiple places.
  • Feb 2021 – given 56 month sentence with no parole as it was his second strike

thinks Emery should remain eligible for parole. Once they change the he will be able to get parole after serving just 19 months of the latest sentence.

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