Letting students elect their Youth MP

David Seymour announced:

David Seymour, ACT Leader and MP for Epsom, is on the hunt for the next Youth MP for Epsom who will represent the electorate at 2019.

Unlike other MPs, Mr Seymour is leaving the selection of Epsom’s Youth MP up to the students of Epsom.

“Out of 120 Youth MPs, Epsom’s Youth MP will be the only one actually elected by their peers,” says Mr Seymour.

“We’re having an election where students holding a valid Student ID from an Epsom high school will be able to turn out and vote by secret ballot for the candidate they want to represent them in Youth Parliament.”

“Voting will take place after all candidates debate the issue ‘My aspiration for the Epsom electorate and residents,’ and three follow-up questions selected at random.”

“Candidates will have to campaign at their schools and on social media to appeal to fellow students and turn out the vote.”

“The highest vote on the day wins.”

Students who put their names forward as candidates must be a current student at an Epsom high school, nominated by two other students from Epsom, aged between 16 and 18 years, and have filled out this nomination form by 30 September 2018.

The election will be held 1:30pm Sunday 14 October at the Auckland Normal Intermediate Hall, Poronui St, Mt Eden.

This is a cool idea. Rather than have the MP unilaterally decide who should be the Youth MP, give them a sense of what it is really like and have them campaign for it, and have a vote.

Will be very interested to see how it goes.

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