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Stuff reports:

David Seymour, 30, who is running only for the Epsom candidacy, has campaigned for ACT, headed its student body and spent years working for conservative think tanks in Canada. 

He was also the most popular with the crowd. 

“If that was a hair growing contest I would be home and hosed,” said Seymour, a tribute to his competitors’ shiny bald heads, to laughter from the crowd. 

And his youth does not mean he is not inexperienced, said Seymour, who spoke of his work with in formulating the partnership school policy. 

“I am closer to the median age of Epsom, which is 35, than both of these guys, and I am moving closer to it as I speak,” he said, again bringing laughter from the crowd. 

Seymour emphasised ACT’s role in lowering taxes and creating a safer New Zealand. 

I probably should have mentioned Seymour in my post earlier this week. Seymour is one of the brighter people in politics, is an excellent debater and like Whyte has excellent classical liberal credentials. If he does become an MP, he would be an excellent one.

But despite his clever trick with the median age (the relevant stat is the median age of the voting population, not the entire population), my concern is that the relatively conservative Epsom electorate might not be willing to vote for someone just out of his 20s, especially with 25% of the electorate Asian. That is why I said Boscawen was the obvious choice for Epsom.

However I understand that may also now stand for both the Epsom candidacy and for the leadership. That complicates things, and simplifies things.

A few in ACT have liked the idea of Boscawen for Epsom and Whyte for Leader. However they have said that the problem is it leaves the Leader reliant on another MP. Hence a lot of pressure has gone on for Whyte to stand for both.

But one woman, who would not be named, believed Seymour, whose forefather was one of the signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi, filled a demographic ACT lacks.

“I think the young chap would be ideal because he is part Maori. ACT is very short on and women,” she said.   

I didn’t know that about Seymour.

Seymour is a popular figure in the party, and as the story states had the most support at the meeting. He has quite a few backers on the ACT Board.

So it seems there are six possible decision for the Board on Sunday. They are:

  1. Whyte for Leader and Epsom
  2. Boscawen for Leader and Epsom
  3. Whyte for Leader and Boscawen for Epsom
  4. Whyte for Leader and Seymour for Epsom
  5. Boscawen for Leader Seymour for Epsom
  6. Boscawen for Leader and Whyte for Epsom

I regard 5 and 6 as unlikely. Is Boscawen is Leader, I expect he will be the Epsom candidate also.

No 4 is what was being pushed by the Whyte/Seymour fan club. However concern over a split role may lead to No 1 happening if their supporters have the majority on the board.

No 3 I did regard as a credible outcome, but there seems to be concern over splitting the role.

No 2 is the outcome sought by Boscawen and his supporters.

I welcome comments from readers as to which combination they would prefer, and would the decision be enough to make you vote ACT?

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