Surely this is enough proof even for Winston?

The British newspapers are all reporting that one of the two “tourists” who has been charged with the Salisbury poisoning is a GRU Colonel who has been decorated by Putin.

The fact that Putin personally trotted them out to explain they were tourists can leave no doubt that he personally signed off on the attempted assassinations.

The evidence now is pretty overwhelming.

  1. The man poisoned was a Russian defector and double agent
  2. The nerve agent used was developed in
  3. The two men charged spent barely two hours in Salisbury and were seen walking past the home where the nerve agent was spread
  4. Novichok was found in the hotel room the two men stayed in
  5. Their passport file included a telephone number for Russian Ministry of Defence

Surely it is time for New Zealand to take some action and expel some Russian diplomats.

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