Waka jumping bill will move NZ down the electoral freedom index

The Herald reports:

New Zealand’s electoral freedom ranking would likely take a hit if the Government adopts the so called Bill, according to the organisation in charge of the World Electoral Freedom Index (WEFI). …

National MP Shane Reti wrote to the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty, the organisation that puts together the annual list, earlier this year, asking how the bill would impact on New Zealand’s ranking in the WEFI.

New Zealand was ranked 39th on the most recent electoral freedom ranking – one place below Australia. Ireland topped the list and Brunei came in last place.

In response to Reti’s request for comment, the Foundation’s Head of Research José Antonio Peña said: “Any new rule which objectively increases the power held by the political party apparatus would most likely weaken the MPs’ individual standings as representatives of his or her constituents.

“This and any distortion of the voter’s will is seen as a regression by WEFI standards and will certainly reflect on the country’s performance in upcoming editions.”

Well done Labour and Greens.

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