Why not buy each cyclist a helicopter as it would be cheaper?

The Herald reports:

Auckland Transport has plans costing between $23 million and $35 million to fix a controversial cycleway through Grey Lynn and Westmere that hardly anyone uses.

Preliminary designs for the 3.2km cycleway were unveiled to a community liaison group on Wednesday, described by one participant, Gael Baldock, as “utterly ridiculous” for a few cyclists.

A Herald time-lapse video outside the West Lynn shopping village on Richmond Rd two months ago showed six cyclists using the cycleway between 7am and 8am on a fine weekday. A further two cyclists ignored the cycleway and rode on the street.

Now we should be cautious about data which is just one data point. But if that day was representative, then daily use of the cycleway could be just a dozen or so per day, as 7 am to 8 am would be peak time.

Now $35 million for six cyclists is around $6 million per cyclist.

An almost new beautiful Cabri helicopter costs around $500,000.

Even if there were 70 cyclists a day, it would be cheaper to buy each of the 70 cyclists a helicopter.

’m all for cycleways that are affordable and get used. But $35 million for a cycleway used by a handful of people is mad.

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