Guest Post: Don’t Veto the Veto

A guest post by New Conservative Leader :

From the news we are fed by mainstream media and our leadership, the UN has been so emasculated by the use of Vetoes that it actually struggles to achieve any worthwhile goals, particularly when it comes to protecting citizens from their own authorities. Chemical warfare, mass executions, and suppressing political discord all seem to go unchallenged as various powers exercise their Right of Veto to stagnate the action of the UN, hence the reasoning behind removing the Right of Veto.

Here’s the flip side.

At the moment no figure or group controls more than 20% of the world’s population. This means  80% can resist, and give some hope to those suffering under a callous regime. What removing the Veto would do would be to empower the UN to such a degree that no one country could stand against this entity.

The UN’s power, authority, and rule would be unrivalled in all of the world.

True world control.

An all powerful UN would be an elixir without comparison to those individuals who have wreaked havoc and cruelty throughout history, often using state control.

Instead of control by the state, imagine control by the UN.…

For the sake of humanity all nations need to retain their sovereignty and their right to self determination, and we demand that our elected representatives recognise this patriotic duty to New Zealanders and New Zealand.

Yes the UN is often insipid and the Vetoes are occasionally frustrating, but the alternative is dark, Orwellian, and follows what is popular, not necessarily right.

“Herein lies the great irony of the United Nations: While it’s the Mos Eisley of international politics — a hive of scum and villainy — and it votes repeatedly to condemn the United States and Israel, the tyrannies that constitute the body continue to oppress their own peoples.”

Ben Shapiro
The veto is an anachronism. It would be nice to have a world where China and Russia can’t veto stuff. But that will also mean a world where the US, UK and France have no veto.  Democratic liberal countries are the minority at the UN and I’m not sure we’d enjoy a with no vetoes.

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