PM lauds complete certainty

Stuff reports:

New Zealand’s oil industry is urging the Government not to rush through a law change which the Prime Minister says is being passed quickly to allow new oil exploration permits to be offered. …

“We are giving certainty to those who currently hold permits and those who would be seeking an onshore block offer that we will honour the commitments around those permits,” Ardern said, dismissing claims that there may be a lack of interest given uncertainty created by the decision.

“Actually, what we are looking at here is giving greater certainty, rather than year on year, around the onshore offers, than they otherwise would have,” she said. 

This is a new level of spin.

She bans an entire industry giving it no future and lauds it as offering greater or complete certainty.

This is like a doctor telling a patient “Good news, we have complete certainty in your diagnosis. You’re going to be dead in six week”

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