So how extreme are PAPA?

The banning of the Police wearing uniforms at the Auckland Pride Parade has come about due to capture by an activist group called People Against Prisons Aotearoa.

Now their agenda is not just banning of Police uniforms at the Pride Parade. They are at what is basically the lunatic end of the political spectrum. Don’t take my word for it. Read their manifesto. Highlights are:

  • child sexual abuse not to be a criminal offence the state criminalises, but dealt with by mediation and a conversation between the rapist and the child victim. Yes, they really are that bonkers.
  • Dissolve the Government’s non-public sex offender register
  • Ban the Police using tasers, guns and even dogs!
  • Not allow anyone aged under 18 to be charged with a criminal offence, even murder or rape
  • Defund and then abolish the NZ Police
  • No imprisonment for breaching bail or parole conditions
  • Make it illegal to discriminate against convicted criminals in employment decisions
  • Decriminalise welfare fraud
  • Close the NZ court system
  • Defund the Department of Corrections and then abolish all
  • A minimum wage for prisoners who do work set at the median wage for that industry

Now this is the group that the Auckland Pride Board are pandering to, and allowing them to dictate to the rest of the community that the Pride Parade must be exclusionary, not inclusive.

They want victims of pedophiles to sit down and have a conversation with their rapist about how being raped made them feel. They want to abolish the Police, the courts and prisons.

Now they’re entitled to their views, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the community needs to respect their views let alone let them impose their values on everyone else.

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