A 1080 referendum?

The Herald reports:

The same environmental group that won a temporary stop to a poison drop on Auckland’s Hunua Range is seeking enough signatures to trigger a on its prohibition completely.

Friends of Sherwood has proposed a citizens initiated referendum that would ban all “inhumane poisons” including 1080 because of the suffering they cause animals.

Parliament’s Clerk of the House is seeking comment on the proposed wording of the question by January 11 next year before the group is able to officially launch its bid to obtain enough signatures to begin the process for a non-binding referendum.

It needs to collect 10 per cent of the total number of registered voters, in hard copy, within 12 months.

A spokesman for the Clerk of the House said this would represent around 400,000 signatures.

I doubt they would get the signatures but if they do I’d welcome a referendum as they would lose it massively and at least we’d have some finality.

Any referendum should explicitly mention 1080 rather than a phrase such as inhumane poisons which is emotive and meaningless.

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