2nd cannabis referendum called for

The Herald reports:

Another referendum on cannabis is being proposed – this time to decriminalise, but not legalise, the drug.

A public notice in today’s Herald gives notice that a citizen-initiated referendum has been proposed asking: “Should New Zealand decriminalise the possession of cannabis for personal use?”

The proposal, lodged by Wellington Central Young Greens activist Mathew Bouma, is open for comments on the proposed wording until February 1.

House of Representatives Clerk David Wilson and Bouma must then agree on a final wording, and the issue will go to a referendum if Bouma can collect valid signatures from at least one-tenth of the country’s 3.55 million electors – 355,000 people – within 12 months.

The initiative comes just six weeks after a narrow majority of 50.7 per cent of New Zealanders voted against legalising cannabis.

Actually it was 51.2%

But regardless another would be a giant waste of money. If you wanted a referendum on decriminalisation, then that is what you should have asked for last time.

Bouma, 20, said he believed many people voted against legalising the drug because it would have created a commercial market for big businesses, but that did not mean voters wanted cannabis users to be fined or jailed.

Only a member of Young Greens could think legalisation failed because people were anti big business!

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