May wins but to go before 2020

The Herald reports:

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to “listen” and work across parties to deliver Brexit after dramatically surviving a no-confidence vote.
The Prime Minister admitted that she had suffered a “significant” rebellion after being backed by a margin of 200 to 117 in a no-confidence ballot
The win staved off what would have been an ignominious end to her time as leader – and means she cannot be challenged by her own party again for 12 months.
But with more than a third of Conservative MPs refusing to support her and a civil war raging over Brexit, the outcome still underlines the scale of the problems she faces.

Speaking at Downing Street after the vote result, a clearly shaken May admitted that she must get an improved deal from the EU.

The issue seems to be the customs backstop. If she can get some sort of limitation to the possibility it could carry on indefinitely, she might be able to win the vote in Parliament.

That would be the ideal, so she gets the UK through Brexit and then the Conservatives elect someone who can beat Jeremy Corbyn in 2020.

Skybet has the odds for the next leader as:

  1. Boris Johnson 4/1
  2. Dominic Raab 5/1
  3. Sajid Jacid 11/2
  4. Michael Gove 7/1
  5. Jeremy Hunt 8/1
  6. David Davis 12/1
  7. Jacob Rees-Mogg 14/1
  8. Amber Rudd 16/1

The fact that no one has better than 4/1 odds shows that there is no clear successor.

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