Looks like Brexit delay, possibly no Brexit

Scoop reports:

MPs in UK’s House of Commons this morning have rejected British Prime Minister Theresa May’s amended deal.
Mrs May managed to secure “legally binding” changes to the deal during a meeting with the EU yesterday that were intended to soothe UK Brexiteers in parliament.
However, many pro-Brexit Tories and the Irish DUP – which props up the coalition government – said the changes did not go far enough and that they would vote against the deal.
MPs have now done so, voting 391 to 242 against the deal in the House. It’s not as large a defeat as when they shot it down in January by a margin of 230.
Following the latest rejection today, a further vote is slated for tomorrow on whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal.
If that no-deal option is rejected, MPs could get a vote on Friday on whether to request a delay to Brexit from the EU.

Sadly I now think Brexit may never happen, which will cripple the Tories and bring a Brexit party into Parliament.

There is little doubt Parliament will reject a no deal Brexit and go for a delay. But I can’t see there being a much different deal in a couple of months.

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