Minister vs Minister

The Herald reports:

The chairman of the National Māori Authority has called for the Auditor-General to look into how Māori services agency Whānau Ora allowed a $600,000 surplus to be paid to a private shareholder.

The revelation, which emerged at a parliamentary committee this week, has led to sniping between Whānau Ora Minister and his colleague Associate Māori Affairs Minister . …

Henare, who is meeting Te Pou Matakana today, told One News yesterday he would prefer to see the money reinvested.

“We’re talking about public money here. There is a demand in the public that there is accountability and transparency so it’s only fair that I ask those questions.”

Jackson told One News Henare had not been given all the information and that he should be seeking more from Hippolite.

“He needs to start asking some questions of his CEO and the information she’s been giving him,” he said.

Henare responded: “That’s why I’m the Minister of Whānau Ora, and he isn’t.”

That’s an astonishing exchange.

Again it shows that this is not a disciplined united Government. You have Ministers slagging each other off, and the PM finding out about major policy changes by watching TV.

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