Soper on political correctness


New Zealand’s running the risk of becoming a politically correct society of sycophants. …

In recent weeks we’ve had the Gay Pride parade’s ban on cops wearing uniforms which seemed to contradict their enthusiasm to embrace all comers, then we had the ridiculous spectacle of Santa Claus being banned as Father Christmas because he said it was a job for blokes which would seem to be bleedingly obviousThe ban was lifted at the last minutebecause of the outcry.

Nelson then added insult to the injury of enthusiastic local kids by having “Santa” perched on his coach at the tail end of the parade, only he was a Maori bloke in a Hawaiian shirt draped in a red cloak with the idea of bi-culturalism leading multi-culturalism. Fair suck of the sav!

We shouldn’t overlook one of Wellington’s poshest girls’ schools Queen Margaret’s College changing its dress code, allowing for shorts and trousers after its rainbow students argued gender dysphoria (whereby you feel opposite to your birth gender). Uniform change had been argued for, but rejected, in the past by females who’d felt comfortable with themselves.

But now our attention’s becoming focused on bullying and harassment in the workplace, thanks to Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard who would have known it’d reflect worse on National than Labour, given the former was in power for nine years employing many more people.

Maggie Barry was outed by anonymous former staffers for what seemed pretty trifling transgressions, like taking the proverbial out of a staff member who’d grown a moustache and calling staff the hired help.

Can only agree with Barry on this one.

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