Shane Jones right on this one

Stuff reports:

NZ First MP has attacked – again – this time over their “cringe culture” new safety video.

The video, titled It’s Kiwi Safety, stars more than 600 people and is presented as a rap from local musicians Kings, Theia, and Randa. The rap itself is adapted from Run-DMC’s It’s Tricky.

Jones, who is the regional economic development minister, said he had been hearing a lot of negative feedback about the “juvenile mishmash” of the video on his travels around the country.

It is a terrible video.

On my last Air NZ flight the person next to me commented the safety video made them want to fly Jetstar. It is that bad.

Most of the Air NZ videos have been great. A couple have missed the mark, This one though is just terrible. How did it ever get through market testing? Was there any?

In a statement Air NZ said: “We are proud of the latest safety video and make no apology for celebrating Kiwi culture or showcasing the talents of people from 30 community groups around New Zealand, including in many regions.

I guess they have to say it, but outside their bubble most people don’t regard rap as celebrating Kiwi culture. It is just try hard.

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