Sroubek’s estranged wife is ‘afraid for her life’

Stuff reports:

The estranged wife of drug smuggler  feels vulnerable and afraid for her life, the House has been told.

National Party justice spokesman Mark Mitchell said she gave him a six-page letter that contained permission to speak on her behalf.  He said she had been threatened by gangs and was “genuinely scared”.

She was taking a massive risk speaking out and said she was forced to write the letter of support so her convicted smuggler husband did not get deported from New Zealand.

She is the real victim in this. She will be more fearful with the Deputy Prime Minister lashing out at her and calling her an informant as if she has done something wrong.

National leader Simon Bridges told the House the first person contacted by Sroubek’s wife was a former Labour Party Cabinet minister who suggested contacting the Opposition.

Her family also called the Government’s statements “beyond appalling”, saying they had caused immense stress and feelings of hopelessness, Bridges said.

All caused by the Government.

After Question Time, Mitchell said the prime minister needed to tell the public whether she backed Peters’ attempt to discredit the real concerns of the woman.

Peters was obsessed that she was a National Party informant, he said.

“Rather than front up to a bad decision to let a convicted criminal remain in New Zealand, Peters went on the attack …

“She’s not [an informant]. She is a victim who is the subject of a police safety plan. She was was directly affected by a bad decision, fears for her safety and has been repeatedly let down by the Government. But the deputy prime minister attacked her anyway.”

This is how this kind caring Government works. They attack you for being a victim who speaks out.

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