Smart Parole Board

Stuff reports:

Czech kickboxer and convicted drug smuggler has been declined parole for the fourth time.

Unlike the Minister, they actually ask questions.

chairman Sir Ron Young said the board was aware Sroubek was prepared to employ a private psychologist and asked why he couldn’t do that in prison before being released.

Sroubek said he would not be “tested” in prison but on the outside if he became stressed, he could call his psychologist and get help if he needed it.

Why not be tested in prison? Why not share the results with the Parole Board? Or are you worried what they might show?

Sir Ron also questioned Sroubek about the three people who had offered him a bed on release.

Sroubek said he had chosen a friend who worked as a personal trainer at a gym and had no criminal convictions.

Sir Ron asked him if he was aware of the backgrounds of the other two men. One has connections with gang members and the other was recently on parole.

So two of his three “sponsors” are gang connected or criminals.

Sroubek said he had previously been fixated on being a “successful individual”.

got into financial issues and I was looking for an easy way out.”

He said during his time in prison he had undergone rehabilitation courses, including a budgeting course.

became a drug smuggler because I was bad at budgeting.

But Sroubek told the board he didn’t talk about the possibility of returning to his country of birth. “ fully believe I will be granted residency.”

He said in the event he was deported, he would not return to the Czech Republic.

don’t think he understands how deportation works. You don’t get to choose where you get deported to.

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