Now they want to tax meat!

Stuff reports:

First it was sugary drinks – now experts are calling for red meat to be taxed. 
A report by The Lancet Commission on Obesityreleased on Monday, said a tax on red meat was an example of the urgent action needed to address the greatest threats “to human and planetary health” – obesity, under-nutrition and climate change. 
University of Auckland population health professor and commission co-chair professor Boyd Swinburn said national and international responses to all three problems had been “unacceptably slow”.

There really is no end to the stuff the activists want to tax or ban or both.

Today it is a tax on red meat. Tomorrow they’ll want plain packaging for red meat, and then they’ll want it banned or a government mandated maximum amount you can eat.

report published in The Lancetearlier this month recommended a reduction of red meat to 7 grams a day, or about one hamburger patty a week, was best for health and the environment. 

And that’s the limit they want – seven grams a day!

Associate Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter​ said the Government did not plan to tax red meat “at this stage”, but an increase in awareness about climate change was affecting people’s behaviour. 

At this stage is code for, we want to do it but am waiting for the right time.

The commission called for a global treaty, like those established for climate change and tobacco, to help governments restrict the influence of the food industry on policy and the establishment of a global philanthropic fund of US$1 billion (NZ$1.46b) “to support social movements demanding policy action”. 

Wow this is nutty stuff. Basically they want to ban the food industry from advocacy, and they want to steal $1 billion a year from global taxpayers and give it to themselves.

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