School reports to go?

The Herald reports:

Traditional six-monthly school reports to parents may be axed in a revamped school curriculum with more localised teaching topics.
review group on curriculum, progress and achievement, set up to develop new ideas for primary schools after national standards were abolished in 2017, wants parents to get real-time digital information about their children’s learning instead of traditional reports.
A spokeswoman for Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed that he received a report from the review group just before Christmas, but said Hipkins was “still considering the advice”.
However, National Party education spokeswoman Nikki Kaye said she would fight to keep “standardised information” being reported to parents.

Is there any limit to the contempt for parents? First the Government wants to remove parents from any significant say in running the schools their kids go to. Now they don’t want them to get school reports.

Real time digital info is a good idea, but not as a substitute for a regular report that clearly sets out how a student is doing.

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