Sounds a lot like social investment

The Herald reports:

Any minister who wants more money to spend in their portfolio will have to prove it will improve intergenerational wellbeing.
That was the message Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delivered to her Cabinet from Davos last night (NZ Time.)
Speaking on a panel discussing the role of GDP as a measure of wellbeing at the World Economic Forum, Ardern challenged her ministers to put wellbeing at the heart of their budget bids.
“If you’re a minister and you want to spend money, you have to prove that you’re going to improve intergenerational wellbeing.”

Ardern spent much of her time explaining why her Government was introducing a wellbeing budget this year – a world first.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like ? Far from being something new, it is what National did for many years (and Labour was luke warm on). And the Living Standards Framework which sits behind the wellbeing budget was started by Treasury in 2011 under National.

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