Give up Vic Council

Stuff reports:

 of Wellington remains tight-lipped on whether it will continue its fight to change its name – despite overwhelmingly negative public sentiment and government disapproval of the plan.
During the institution’s first council meeting for the year, held on Monday, members were asked “to consider” the decision by Minister of Education Chris Hipkins not to approve a change of the university’s name to the University of Wellington.
What that period of consideration did not do, however, was make any decision on whether the name change fight would rage on or be dropped entirely.

The Council need to accept reality. A legal name change is not happening and won’t be approved. Even if they were mad enough to try and judicially review the Minister’s decision, at best they’d get a decision saying the Minister has to reconsider. And do they really think it would be a different decision second time around?

If they do decide to fight on, then it will be time for a new Council.

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