Surely LWOP for a double murderer?

The Herald reports:

A convicted killer and rapist who was a groomsman at David Bain’s wedding has admitted a second murder.

I wonder who was the best man?

Wilson has pleaded guilty to sexual violation in the High Court in Christchurch this morning.
He had earlier pleaded guilty to the life coach’s murder.

Justice Cameron Mander has indicated a sentence date of March 28.
The shocking news that Paul Russell Wilson (aka Paul Pounamu Tainui) committed a second murder in Christchurch in April last year – 24 years after he murdered former girlfriend Kimberly Schroder in Hokitika – was too much for Schroder’s father.
Gary James Schroder, 67, died in a suspected suicide just hours after Wilson made his first court appearance on April 10 last year.
“Paul Wilson now has the blood of two young ladies on his hands. And also the blood of my dearly beloved [relative],” one family member told the Herald at the time.

So will he be let out again to kill for a third time?

Wilson was sentenced to 15 years non-parole, though on appeal that was reduced to 13 years.
His parole was granted at his fifth time of asking in December 2010, with his behaviour described as “exemplary and faultless”.

If he had not been given parole, Nicole Tuxford would still be alive. It shows that you can do and say the right things in prison, but not fundamentally change.

As this excellent article points out, Wilson ticked all the boxes. He behaved in prison. He did all the courses. He got a job when out. But deep down he still had a view that if he was attracted to a woman, he had a right to her.

Stuff reports:

The Crown will seek life imprisonment without parole when he is sentenced on March 28.

Surely he will qualify? The families of his victims should not have to go through parole hearings fighting to keep him inside. They should have the security of knowing he will never be allowed out again.

He has shown that he can’t be rehabilitated. It is time for the courts to use the sentence available in law to them and lock Wilson up for good.

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