Massive blowout in waiting times for state houses

Stuff reports:

The public housing waitlist has rocketed past 10,000 as more people wait longer for public housing.
At the end of 2018 fully 10,712 eligible households were waiting for state or  housing – 73 per cent more than a year ago, and over three times the number waiting at the end of 2015.

So Labour’s first year in office saw the waiting list increase 73%.

The average time to house those people was 157.5 days, up from 122.4 days a year prior – but was somewhat skewed by a few long applications. The median time to house was 98 days, up from 58 a year prior.

And the median waiting time has almost doubled from 58 days to 98 days.

What’s interesting is on every metric the housing situation has got far worse for those in need. Yet the daily deluge of sob stories has mainly dried up since the election.

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