The ECan Chairman is bonkers

Stuff reports:

Now, 72-year-old Environment Canterbury chairman has rediscovered his protesting mojo, joining global climate-change campaigners Extinction Rebellion and saying it is time to “panic”. …

Lowndes agreed with the group’s three demands – “that the truth be told about , that we become carbon neutral by 2025 and that a climate emergency is declared”.

The first and third demand are meaningless – almost anyone could agree or disagree with them.

But the second demand that New Zealand become carbon neutral by 2025 is stark raving bonkers. There is no other word for it.

There is a world of difference between becoming carbon neutral over 31 years and six years.

To become carbon neutral by 2025 would mean killing off the entire NZ cattle herd, banning all non electric vehicles, closing down most manufacturing etc. It would plunge many New Zealanders into poverty and joblessness.

Also to go would be household refrigerators. Air conditioning systems also gone.

One can be convinced climate change is a serious issue and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed, and also think calling for carbon neutrality within six years is stark raving madness.

But maybe he genuinely thinks we should do all of the above so we can be carbon neutral in six years. So presumably he has removed his refrigerator from his house. He has given up milk. He never drives a petrol car, or takes a plane trip. He doesn’t use any manufactured products. I’m sure he has done all this, if he is sincere with his advocacy.

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